Putnam County

Two Putnam County deputies hurt in traffic crash


In a new Facebook post from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, they state that the two deputies were responding to a possible domestic violence situation when the crash occurred.

In the post, it says the incident happened after a woman called saying her boyfriend stole her car.

At the time of the call, dispatchers were on the phone with a woman who said her boyfriend had stolen her vehicle. The boyfriend returned with the vehicle and while there was a disturbance, the woman for unknown reasons entered the vehicle. The deputies did not know if she got into the vehicle of her own free will or was forced and were hastily trying to intercept the vehicle. This was a situation that was possibly escalating to violence.”

Other deputies were able to respond to the incident where they declared the woman safe.

The two deputies involved in the crash remain in critical but stable condition. They both have multiple surgeries to overcome.


Two Putnam County deputies are injured after a crash on State Road 20 west of Motes Road Tuesday night.

According to a Facebook post by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, two deputies were hurt after the crash.

Both deputies had to be taken by ambulance and flown to an area hospital.

The Sheriff’s Office says that no other motorist were injured in the crash.

A report from the Florida Highway Patrol says the deputies were both responding to an emergency call when they collided with each other.

FHP says the deputies have serious injuries but are expected to be OK.

In an updated Facebook post, PCSO says that Sheriff DeLoach is currently meeting with families of both deputies at the hospital.

“I want to express my gratitude at the outpouring of care and concern our community had conveyed,” DeLoach said. “Both will need continued prayers as they begin the long journey to recovery.”