Report: Former JSO officer had sex with prostitutes

A Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office internal affairs investigation report revealed that detectives found that a former officer had sex with prostitutes while in uniform, with one woman claiming he sexually battered her.

Adam Boyd is the same man who JSO announced was arrested last month for theft and official misconduct in connection with falsifying records.

Boyd had been with the JSO for 14 years and was named officer of the month in November.

According to the IA report, Boyd had “consensual sexual relations for money with a known prostitute.”

It goes on to say he used his “authority to force sexual intercourse on another known prostitute, while wearing his Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office issued uniform, while armed with his Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office issued firearm and while using his Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office issued patrol vehicle to travel to the location where the illegal sexual activity was occurring.”

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The report said the woman did not give Boyd consent but did not want to fight back because he was an armed officer.

She also said she admitted to being high during one of the sexual encounters.

“I think that he might have felt he wouldn’t get caught,” Action News Jax crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson said.

In a statement, the State Attorney’s Office said: “As with any case, the burden of prosecution is much higher than probable cause. While probable cause is enough to sustain an Internal Affairs complaint, the State has to prove a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. The State has no physical evidence or witnesses in this matter and cannot prosecute this case.”

Jefferson said he agreed that a conviction would be difficult because of the lack of evidence and questions about the woman's credibility.

“It really boils down to one word against another word,” Jefferson said. “The barriers with that is it’s an allegation against a sworn law enforcement officer with a person who has a criminal background or question(able) history. Jurors will question sometimes the legitimacy of the victim based on their past."

Boyd has resigned from JSO.

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