So you’re ready for the 2021 hurricane season, but are your pets?

Jacksonville, Fla. — With Elsa moving toward Duval County, experts stress hurricane preparations for you and your family - that also includes your pets.

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“We pretty much have a kennel, a cage, and we also have a smaller kennel where you can actually travel with it. That way it makes it easier when you go to hotels and things like that,” local dog owner Crystal Fortune said.

Fortune said she evacuated with her dog Karma last year. She said she has all the preparations down.

“We have dog food and we put it in sandwich bags, Ziploc bags, things like that. And water bottles, plenty of water bottles,” Fortune said.

It is recommended you have four to five days’ worth of food and medications. Also, make sure you have bedding for your pets.

If you are traveling with a cat. You will need a litter box.

Jacksonville Humane Society Assistant Development Director Lindsay Layendecker said you should never leave your pets at home or outside to fend for themselves.

In the case you do lose your furry friend, there are steps you can take.

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“We recommend uploading your pet’s picture on Petco Love Lost. It’s a free facial recognition website that should your pet go missing and get brought to a shelter, or be found by somebody, you can instantly post your pet missing. When your pet is posted as ‘found,’ it’ll use facial recognition technology to match you up,” Layendecker said.

Layendecker also reminds pet owners to bring along pet records as well as pet ID.

If your pet isn’t microchipped, a collar and tag work as well.