St. Johns County homeowners accuse D.R. Horton of faulty shower construction

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Homeowners in the Glen St. Johns subdivision of St. Augustine claim the master showers in their new homes weren’t constructed correctly.

They say the homes in question were built by D.R. Horton, the largest home builder in the country.

Action News Jax cameras got a look inside showers plagued by water damage, erosion and mold.

In a couple of cases, the shower tile is eroding away.

Neighbors tell us the shocking part is that their homes were built recently, between 2008 and 2015. Many of them are less than five years old.

Still, they say it didn’t take long to see problems in and around their showers.

“The grout started coming up, and water started coming out into our main shower,” said homeowner Dawn McCaffrey.

Documents obtained by Action News Jax may help explain the cause of the damage, at least in one case.

A leak detection company looked at water damage in one of the homeowner’s showers.

According to the documents from this year, the company found no shower pan was installed, and that damage came from a “wet slab situation caused by incorrect installation.”

However, D.R. Horton told the same homeowner the issues were related to “home owner maintenance.”

“It feels like we’ve been shafted,” said Ingrid Osborn.

Some neighbors tell Action News Jax when they filed a claim, D.R. Horton sent them an automated message telling them their one-year warranty had expired.

But warranty aside, neighbors say their master showers shouldn’t be rotting away in a few short years.

“I didn’t buy a temporary structure, I didn’t buy a temporary roof, and my neighbors didn’t buy temporary showers,” said Lynn Snyder.

We brought these concerns to D.R. Horton. As of late Thursday night, a company spokesperson had issued a statement:

“We appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention and will look into it. D.R. Horton is committed to superior customer service and providing families with quality homes and neighborhoods in North Florida and throughout the United States.”

This isn’t the first time Action News Jax has investigated claims of faulty construction related to D.R. Horton homes.

Last month, neighbors told us the roofs of their homes were leaking, and the company wouldn't honor their warranties.