St. Johns County mom bitten by water moccasin twice

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — One local mom is recovering at home now after spending days in the Intensive Care Unit being treated for not one but two snake bites from a highly venomous water moccasin.

She needed more than 30 vials of anti-venom. Minor to moderate bites will take a maximum of 18 vials but the more severe the bite the more anti-venom is given.

Meaghan Banach is still having a hard time walking but her spirit remains high.

“That's really what got me through the whole thing was just the power of prayer,” Banach said.

She’s lived in Durbin Crossing now for about two years and said she’s seen snakes in her backyard before but never imagined a venomous water moccasin would be hiding in her hose box as she got ready to bathe her dog.

“So I just stepped down right next to the hose box I turned the water on and the snake bit me,” Banach said.

Banach was bitten not once, but twice.

Nearly two weeks later she’s doing better but her foot remains swollen and bandaged.

“It was very painful. I had natural labor with my daughter and it was worse than that,” Banach said.

The news quickly spread throughout the area. Neighbor Nikki Smith said she’s already taking precautions.

“My kids don't get to go in the backyard anymore which is awful. It's summer, today is the last day of school,” Smith said.

As for Banach, she’s just thankful that her 4-year-old Evan or her dog Benny weren’t bitten.

She hopes her story will serve as a warning.

“We just have to be more careful with what we are doing and more aware. I wish I would've been more aware that that was a possibility,” Banach said.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for her to help with the hospital bills after spending several days in the ICU.