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List of evidence, witnesses released in case against Aiden Fucci, accused of killing Tristyn Bailey

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — The State Attorney’s Office has released a list of witnesses and evidence collected in the investigation into 14-year-old Aiden Fucci, who is accused of killing St. Johns County 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey in May.

The list, which is called discovery, includes names of 154 potential witnesses. The witnesses include:

  • Law enforcement from the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office and Florida Department of Law Enforcement analysts
  • People who were present during statements made by Fucci -- like his mother Crystal Smith, who is now facing a charge of evidence tampering in connection to Tristyn’s killing. (Smith is set to appear in court on July 26)
  • St. Johns County Medical Examiner Predrag Bulic

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The exhibits listed in the state’s discovery list include:

  • Audio recordings with Fucci, Smith, as well as Tristyn’s parents
  • Downloaded contents of cell phones for Smith and Fucci’s father, Jason Fucci
  • Shoes and T-shirt collected from Fucci
  • Results from phone subpoenas for Fucci, Jason Fucci, as well as a person identified as “TB”
  • Aiden Fucci’s school records, which are listed as “42 PDF files”
  • Search warrants for the phones of Fucci and his parents, Fucci’s Snapchat, as well as the Instagram and Snapchat accounts for “TB”
  • Five video files and 2 jpeg files from Snapchat
  • Surveillance videos from Fucci’s residence
  • Neighborhood videos from five different locations


Tristyn, who attended Patriot Oaks Academy, was reported missing on May 9 -- Mother’s Day -- and found dead later that day in the Durbin Crossing neighborhood.

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The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office announced the next day, on May 10, that Fucci was being charged with second-degree murder in Tristyn’s death.

On Tuesday, May 11, investigators revealed that Tristyn had been stabbed to death.

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A memorial service for Tristyn was held Tuesday, May 18 at Celebration Church.

On Friday, May 21, a judge allowed Fucci’s original attorney to withdraw from the case and the teen will now be represented by the public defender’s office.

On Thursday, May 27, the State Attorney’s Office made the decision to charge Fucci as an adult with first-degree premeditated murder, according to motions filed in court.

Because Aiden is a a juvenile, a death sentence is not an option, but the charge carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.

On Thursday, June 3, Fucci entered a plea of not guilty in Tristyn’s murder.

Originally, he was set to be arraigned on June 10.

On Saturday, June 5, Crystal Smith turned herself into the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office on a charge of evidence tampering. She is set to appear in court on July 26.

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