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Tristyn Bailey case: Juvenile law expert questions murder suspect Aiden Fucci’s past

ST. JOHNS, Fla. — 14-year-old Aiden Fucci is charged in the second-degree murder of 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey.

The two went to the same school and lived in the same area of Durbin Creek. Detectives with The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office have not released a possible motive.

The medical examiner’s office determined Tristyn was stabbed, based on evidence found in Fucci’s room which tested positive for blood.

“Kids don’t kill other kids but for trauma.” Schott said.

Shannon Schott is one of eight board-certified juvenile law experts in North Florida. She believes troubling signs may have existed long before Tristyn’s murder.

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“When the child commits a crime, the village has failed. I do have questions about what neighbors observed, what his parents observed and what the school observed. " Schott said.

The State Attorney’s Office will have to determine if Fucci should be tried as an adult. Schott said if so, Fucci’s age will still be considered by the court. The courts will also consider how Bailey was killed.

Fucci can face up to life in prison.

The Durbin Creek community is devastated by Tristyn’s death. People close to her say she will be remembered for her smile and spirit.

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