Strangers, including man from Folkston, Georgia, help search for missing 5-year-old Taylor Williams

Volunteers help look for missing 5-year-old Taylor Williams

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — People were still showing up late Wednesday night in the Brentwood neighborhood to help search for Taylor Williams. Police officers have the home on Ivy Street taped off. It's where the mom told police she last saw her daughter.

"We don't know what happened, but we just hope that she's found, and she's found safe," Shelinda Mason said.

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Mason and Carolyn Thomas don't even know the little girl, but wanted to show they care.

"The community is out here, everybody is on foot and cars. We just want her to know that we love her. We may not be blood, but we are still family," Mason said.

Thomas said her own daughter was almost kidnapped several years ago, and she understands the pain.

"My baby almost came up missing when she was 11 years old coming home from school. As a mother, I love my child and so my heart goes out to this missing 5-year-old," Thomas said.

Mason and Thomas said they will be back out there Thursday to look for little Taylor.

Keith Harvey from Folkston, Georgia also stopped by. He said he had flashlights in his car and was ready to help.

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