Survivor of shark attack at a Fernandina Beach says he won't stay out of the water

Shark attack survivor Dustin Theobald is grateful he will be able to walk again after a Friday the 13th incident he did not expect.

A shark latched onto Theobald's foot while he was in two feet of water at a Fernandina beach.

He said, “When I touched its head, I could feel it was rough skin. It wasn’t like fish skin. You know shark skin has a rough edge.”

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Theobald immediately smacked the shark’s head and it swam away, but not before the animal clamped down on his foot.

Theobald said, “I knew my foot was open. As soon as I took my first step I could tell that the bottom of my foot was open.

Doctors expect Theobald to make a full recovery after multiple antibiotics, stitches and physical therapy.

On his way to Baptist Medical Center, Theobald was shocked to hear a call come in.

Someone else had been bitten by a shark off another Fernandina beach by Hutchins Road.

Earlier we showed you that beach access point where another shark bit a 17-year-old Georgia boy.

Later the City of Fernandina closed and reopened their beaches, tweeting they are still on high alert

Despite the alerts, Theobald says nothing can keep him out of the water, not even the shark bite.

He said, “It’s just one of those once-in-a-million things that could happen to anybody.”

Theobald expects he’ll be back on his feet in six weeks after physical therapy.