'That little girl was my everything,' says father of baby killed in Brantley County

BRANTLEY COUNTY, Ga. — A father is grieving over the loss of his 1-year-old girl, Anniston Wilson.

The girl's mother, Marley Wilson, 18, and her 19-year-old boyfriend are accused of her murder.

Marley Wilson, 18, and James Cutshall, 19.

Caine Fry, 18, the biological father of the girl said, “That little girl was my everything.”

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Fry said he started making plans to gain custody of his daughter after he and the mother parted ways after her birth.

“I knew she was off, but I didn’t think she would take it this far,” Fry said. “I never seen this coming.”

Anniston died on Feb. 12 after she reportedly stopped breathing after she was put down with a bottle, according to an incident report. Officials said the girl had bruising on her stomach.

The Brantley County Sheriff’s Office said a contributing factor to the baby’s death was blunt force trauma.

Fry and he hopes their tragic story will somehow help someone else.

Officials are continuing to investigate.