'This used to be a great place:' Video of man singing about Regency Mall goes viral

What happened to you, Regency?

That's the message of this bittersweet video about the Jacksonville shopping plaza that's making the rounds on social media.

D.j. Robinson posted a video the day after Christmas of him singing in the desolate concourse of the Regency Square Mall. His song opens, "Somebody tell me what happened to Regency?"

The lyrics ask where all the "cool shops" have gone and missed seeing "beautiful girls galore" at the mall.

The mall opened in 1967 and has since gone through eras of success and struggles. According to the Florida Times-Union, the mall was one of the most profitable shopping centers in the nation in 1979.

But within the past 10 years, the shopping complex has grappled to stay afloat as much of the retail space is empty.

According to the mall's online directory, however, new dining and shopping experiences are coming soon. Organizations, including Impact Church, have made a home in the shopping center.

As for Robinson in the video, he said he would "transform" the mall if he owned it.