• Vernell Bing Jr.'s mother: Officer 'killed two people within three years, and it's sad'

    By: Russell Colburn , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The mother of a man killed in a controversial police shooting believes we’re now seeing a pattern with the officer involved.

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    The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said the same officer who shot and killed man who had a knife to a disabled veteran’s throat Wednesday night also shot and killed Vernell Bing Jr. in 2016.

    On Thursday, Action News Jax spoke exclusively with Bing’s mother, Shirley McDaniel.

    “How many bodies [do] we have to give the sheriff for him to realize we’re hurting in our community?” McDaniel said.

    Bing died before ever meeting his son. McDaniel constantly thinks about the father he would have been.


    “His son was born two days after he was laid to rest, so I think about my son every day,” McDaniel said.

    JSO said Officer Tyler Landreville shot Bing in the head after a high-speed chase and head-on crash with his cruiser in 2016.

    The following year, the State Attorney’s Office ruled the shooting justified, a decision that still hurts McDaniel.

    “It’s sad, it’s so sad, because back in March, I had to catch up with [Sheriff] Mike Williams at a community walk,” McDaniel said. “And I let him know how disrespectful it was for Landreville to be back in our community after he killed my son. Now he [has] killed in the community again, and he’s still free.”

    JSO said Landreville intervened Wednesday night when Frankie Feliciano held a knife to the throat of a veteran in a wheelchair.

    Police say Landerville, a 10-year veteran officer, shouted commands, but Feliciano did not drop the weapon.

    “Officer Landreville, from what I can see preliminarily, did everything he was supposed to have done,” said JSO Chief of Investigations T.K. Waters. “And this case right here, this is the reason why we’re here, to save the lives of our citizens.”

    McDaniel said she can’t accept that.

    “Landreville killed two people within three years, and it’s sad,” McDaniel said.

    JSO said Landreville was wearing a body camera, but that footage will not be released until the investigation is complete.

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