VIDEO: Mysterious fog leaves passengers on Jacksonville flight shaken

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A passenger on Delta flight 100 recorded a scary moment when the cabin appeared to fill with some sort of smoke while waiting on the tarmac.

Passengers who were flying from Jacksonville to New York on Sunday night were alarmed.

Amanda Goncalves was a passenger on the flight.

Goncalves says there was no odor, but the fog lasted for 30 minutes as the plane sat on the tarmac before takeoff.

"People were wondering why it was lasting so long but ... to the flight attendants didn't really make an announcement. (They joked that) they were practicing for their Halloween haunted house ... instead of saying it was from the humidity or condensation," Goncalves said.

We showed the video to our aviation expert Wayne Ziskal, who believes it was condensation. He says it's not uncommon on a hot humid day for mist to pour from AC vents.


"We have our weather situation down here from the point of high humidity and the temperatures that we have in the summer time. If you are a regular flyer this is something you might see that would last 30 seconds when they change air condition systems," Ziskal said.

But even he was surprised that the passengers say they were never told what it was.

"I think we as crew members and pilots need to put ourselves in the position of 'this is somebody's first time on an airplane' and they see this, what do they think," Ziskal added.

Ziskal says passengers should always report anything unusual while on an aircraft whether it's their first time flying or not.

The flight from Jacksonville to New York did land normally.

A Delta spokesperson says the mysterious fog didn't pose a danger to passengers.

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