Witnesses describe panic during mass shooting at Jacksonville Landing

Witnesses speak about fear and terror on victims' faces

Witnesses to the mass shooting at the Jacksonville Landing on Sunday afternoon said they took video of what was happening to try and open people's eyes about violence in Jacksonville.

The witnesses told Action News Jax that they saw victims being carried out of the Landing.

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Rico Martinez and Javari Long said they were among the first to meet terrified witnesses and and victims as they ran from the Landing.

“I seen a lady, she got hit in the leg, and they was carrying her out," Martinez said.

Martinez said that people fleeing told him and Long that a disgruntled gamer started shooting at the Madden video game tournament.

“I never seen a grown man that shook in my life,” Long said  “The look on everybody’s face, they were terrified, they were frightened."

Long said that their first instinct was to start running, but police and paramedics began arriving, so they started taking videos because they're upset over the recent spike in Jacksonville gun violence in.

“When I went on live, I wasn’t trying to get attention, I was trying to let people see what was going on in Jacksonville," Long said.