Elly De La Cruz's foul ball off Hunter Greene breaks window of Greene's SUV during Reds practice

It's never a good idea to park in an area that could be susceptible to errant throws or foul balls. Cincinnati Reds pitcher Hunter Greene found that out the hard way on Tuesday

During a live batting practice session, Greene was facing off against Elly De La Cruz when De La Cruz fouled off a pitch that drilled the rear driver's side window of Greene's Mercedes-Maybach SUV in the players' parking lot.

"That'll teach you to park in the first spot," joked Reds president Nick Krall via the Cincinnati Inquirer.

Greene would win the battle, striking out De La Cruz looking before discovering that he had a new task to handle once practice was done for the day.

Reds fans are hoping that Greene can keep delivering those strikeouts and that De La Cruz, andhiselectricabilities, can turnaround a second-half slide to help the team to an NL Central finish better than third place for the first time since 2012.