Nick Saban unhappy about 2022 playoff, Boise State can't find a new conference & the Stephen F. Austin bowling scandal

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Dan Wetzel & SI’s Ross Dellenger react to Nick Saban wanting to use sportsbook odds as leverage to make the College Football Playoff, and later, the breaking news coming out from Stephen F. Austin’s bowling team.

Ross joins the program from his cruise to discuss why San Diego State is being pursued so much more than Boise State. The guys try and determine what factors outside of winning football games could contribute to Boise State generating such little buzz during realignment season.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban spoke with Fox Sports’ Joel Klatt this week and mentioned that he thought Alabama was snubbed from the College Football Playoff last year due to being favored against three out of the four members that made it. The plot thickens as Dan & Ross wonder if Nick Saban could be planting some seeds in the media for the upcoming season in a stacked SEC.

Billy Napier and the Florida Gators are starting to pick up some momentum this summer with a big recruiting weekend. The Gators were able to land nine new players ranked within the top 200 to help mend their roster. Arizona State added some talent as well by getting a big quarterback commitment from Michael “Butter” Tollefson.

Lastly, in news of the weird, a Stephen F. Austin assistant coach on the bowling team resigned after his relationship with an athlete on the bowling team was found out. He then decided to share his side of the story with the media, to Ross and Dan’s delight.

1:00 Ross checks in from his cruise

4:17 Why is San Diego State attracting more attention than Boise State?

22:37 Nick Saban took issue with Alabama not making the playoff due to sports book lines

30:47 Florida and Billy Napier have received 9 top 200 commits in the last week

36:44 Arizona State picks up top recruit Michael “Butter” Tollefson

38:09 An update on the Ecuadorian woman who woke up at her funeral

40:06 The Stephen F Austin bowling coach scandal

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