• Other teens not worried after teen dies after being shot

    By: Jamie Smith


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Days after getting shot at a local community center, a Westside teen died Monday morning at the hospital.        

    Police say his killer is on the run and much has changed in just a matter of days for a community center in Northwest Jacksonville.

    The park was packed. Monday, it was closed. On Friday, a 14-year-old was playing here at this crowded pool. Now, he's dead.

    Action News spent hours at the Johnnie Walker Community Center on Monday and only saw two people all day. The teens say they're not frightened off by what happened here just a few days ago. 

    “It just happens,” one said.

    But perhaps fear has set in for others in the community. The area was crowded Friday after multiple gunshots rang out mid-afternoon in the parking lot. 
    One of the rounds hit 14-year-old James Jeremiah Thomas in the head moments after he walked out of the pool, police say. 

    Hearing the news today that Thomas died this morning at the hospital saddened these 12-year-olds. 

    But they don't believe they'll get shot because they believe the victim was targeted. 

    Police are now investigating if this homicide might have been in retaliation for another shooting. 

    “I'm not really worried it could happen to me. … Because I don't get involved in drama. It won't happen to me,” DJ Crettendon of Northwest Jacksonville.

    Eyewitnesses say the shooter sped away. Investigators are now looking for a light blue car.

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