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Restaurant Report: Rat, rat poop found at food court restaurant at Avenues Mall

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Your health and safety is the reason Action News Jax’s Ben Becker goes out every week to tell you about violations inspectors find at restaurants where you love to eat.

In this week’s Original Restaurant Report, Becker tells you about violations inspectors found at Jacksonville restaurants, including, at the Avenues Mall.

Becker visited the food court of the Avenues Mall on Southside Boulevard after violations were found during an inspection of Mandarin Express.

State inspectors discovered a dead rat on a glue trap, over 60 rodent droppings and the floor soiled with accumulation of debris. It was temporarily closed.

Becker walked up to the restaurant and spoke with an employee.

“I’m Ben Becker, Action News Jax the Original Restaurant Report. I want to ask you about the rat that was found by inspectors,” Becker said.

A manager then met Becker at the restaurant side door.

“How was a rat here? What is going on?” Becker asked.

“This is the worst problem, not our problem. I don’t know, you ask my boss okay,” the employee said.

“Where’s your boss?” Becker asked.

“Let me call him. He is not here right now, okay,” the employee told Becker.

“Is it safe to eat here?” Becker asked, in which the employee replied, “Huh?”

“There are rodent droppings, dozens and dozens of rodent droppings,” Becker said.

“No idea okay, sorry,” the employee said before closing the door.

Becker called and emailed the mall owner, Simon Property Group for comment, but they have not responded.

Elsewhere, inspectors cited J & C Crab on Dunn Avenue near Monaco Drive:

  • 88 rodent droppings
  • An objectionable odor in the establishment
  • A soda gun with black mold

It was temporarily closed.

J. Alexander’s at the Town Center had the following violation according to state inspectors:

  • Potentially hazardous food temperatures
  • Raw animal food stored over ready-to-eat food
  • A cutting board that was stained

All the restaurant mentioned have passed follow-up inspections.