Several injured after tornado touches down at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay

CAMDEN, Ga. — As many as 10 people were hurt when a tornado touched down at an RV park at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base on Wednesday evening.

Meanwhile, many other neighbors in St. Marys are cleaning up damage too.

The tornado also hit a neighborhood on Point Peter Road in North St. Marys.

Glen Manning watched — and heard — as the twister barely missed his home. “The sky over here got real dark, real bright over here. All of a sudden, the rain stopped, dead stopped. I walked out over on my porch, and I could actually see the twister as it was going by,” Manning said.

Manning said the tornado was deafening.

Experiencing two forces of nature — Tropical Storm Elsa and the twister — simultaneously is something he’ll never forget.

“This is by far not the first hurricane I’ve experienced. But to actually experience a twister and a hurricane like that — yeah, that was my first experience,” he said.

The twister downed power lines and split limbs off trees, crumpling a neighbor’s trampoline and ripping sheet metal off a building.

Action News Jax saw utility crews working to fix power lines on Wednesday evening.

“Just a real, real eerie feeling if you’ve never experienced it before,” Manning added.

Neighbors and emergency crews have a long night ahead of them as they clean up. Manning’s heart goes out to them.