SJC School Board unveiling proposed changes to the dress code policy for the upcoming school year

ST.JOHNS, Fla. — Action News Jax first reported in back in May, 80 yearbook pictures of girls at Bartram Trail High School were unknowingly edited.

A local parent, Nancy Tray, exclaims, “This change is long overdue and our students are counting on us to get it right.

St Johns County parents and students once again weighing in on the district’s dress code policy.

Since the controversy, the school board has agreed to make changes to the dress code with community input.

Student Eliza Dysart explains, “You have clearly heard us that the dress code reduces females to body parts that are sexualized because of their culture and dress code. ”Many believe the proposed policy is a step in the right direction, but not quite where many feel it should be. For starters, St. Johns County School Board is proposing five inches in length from the inseam of shorts Tray explains, “I measured my 11-year-old’s shorts a few weeks ago and they fell just a little shy of five inches so we wasted a whole lot of time searching for five inch inseam shorts in her size that aren’t ridiculously out of fashion. ”But the concern every single person voiced at Tuesday’s workshop was how the dress code will be enforced. ”I know nobody should be measuring my child’s inseam without my me being there,” exclaims Stephanie Fabre, whose daughter had her picture edited in the yearbook.

Students, even school board members agreeing, it must be consistent.

Dysart explains, “All teachers and deans should be trained on the proper way to dress code students that does not invoke shame or embarrassment.

”No decision was made Tuesday on the new dress code, but the school board will discuss it at next week’s meeting on August 3rd.

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