Sleeping student awakened by Taser

FILE PHOTO: A school resource officer is on unpaid leave after officials said she arced a Taser near a sleeping student to wake him up. The student was not shocked by the device and the probes did not deploy.

SMITHVILLE, Ohio — A school resource officer in Ohio is on unpaid leave after officials said she activated a Taser to wake a student who had fallen asleep in class. The student was not shocked in the alleged incident.

Maryssa Boskoski was a part-time officer, assigned as a school resource officer at Liberty Preparatory School in Smithville, Ohio, WEWS reported.

The student wouldn’t wake up for his teacher or the school’s interim principal.

Boskoski was in the classroom with the principal when she turned on the Taser a few feet from the high school junior.

"She did take her Taser, remove the cartridge from it, and arced the Taser," Smithfield Police Chief Howard Funk told WEWS.

Funk said that the probes were not deployed and the Taser never came in contact with the student.

But the combination of the Taser's noise and the classroom commotion did wake up the student, WEWS reported.

The principal, Jenna Parnell, said Boskoski didn’t warn anyone before turning on the Taser.

Funk expects to meet with the village solicitor to determine if criminal charges should be filed, but said that Boskoski violated the department's Taser policy and her job could be in jeopardy, WEWS reported.

The school sent a letter to parents about the incident.

Liberty Preparatory School letter to parents by Drew Scofield on Scribd

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