Investigates - Coronavirus: Thousands filled out COVID-19 vaccine appointment forms wrong, but still got confirmation email

Investigates - Coronavirus: Vaccine appointment forms not filled out correctly

Jacksonville, FL. — We are already seeing some hiccups for the second day of vaccinations at the Prime Osborn Center.

The Duval County Department of Health started vaccinations for medical workers and those 65 and over.

Many people were turned away on Monday.

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The Duval County Department of Health spokesperson said about 4,000 people filled out the online form incorrectly and due to a glitch in the system, they still received a confirmation email.

A spokesperson sent Action News Jax this statement:

“We have learned many individuals (who didn’t see an available date/time slot on the online appointment form) went ahead and submitted the form anyway. This will result in an invalid appointment. Due to a glitch, the system still returned a confirmation message to those who did not select a date/time. This is how we believe the confusion began. We have identified the individuals that submitted an invalid online form, and sent an email notification to them yesterday. A robo call was also sent to them. We encourage all individuals (who believe they have a confirmed appointment) to check their email and voicemail before coming out to the Prime Osborn. If they received one of these notifications, they will be required to set a new appointment. We will be opening up appointments for the week of January 11, very soon.”

Right now, there are no more appointments available for this week.