Truck driver saves grandma from burning pickup

BRADFORD COUNTY, Fla. — Greg Moore has been a truck driver for the last 16 years. He said he has seen a lot on the road but what he witnessed Wednesday while driving for Landstar was a first.

"I (saw) a vehicle come around the curve, and I still just looked like, 'Did this really just happen in front of me?'" Moore said.

He watched as a pickup truck crashed into a tree on State Road 100 in Bradford County just outside of Keystone Heights. Inside was 74-year-old grandmother Annie Lee Smith.

Moore saw fire and smoke coming from underneath the car and he knew he had to act fast.

"As I get over there she said, 'My foot is stuck,' and I looked down (and) her foot was up beneath the brake pedal," Moore said. "I couldn't move it at first. Then I just said 'in Jesus' name' and pulled it back and she got out."

Moore said Smith didn't say much after the crash, but she asked him to call her son.

He said that her arm was pretty banged up and her foot was bruised and swollen.

A witness posted pictures of the fiery crash on Facebook, crediting Moore as a lifesaver.

That witness, Jeffrey Barron, pulled up right after the crash. He's also a truck driver.

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