'World's most dangerous tree' grows in Florida

Manchineel fruit (Hans Hillewaert)

The tree that the Guinness Book of World Records dubbed the world's most dangerous tree grows in South Florida.

According to Mother Nature Network, the endangered manchineel tree is one of the most poisonous trees on Earth and is native to southern Florida, the Caribbean, Central America and northern South America.

The tree is so dangerous that many have warning signs placed at their base, Newser reports.

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The manchineel grows a fruit, resembling a small green apple, known as the “little apple of death.” One bite into the fruit can cause vomiting, bleeding, digestive tract damage, burning of the mouth, tightening of airways and potential death.

Contact with the tree’s sap can cause severe rashes, breathing problems, headaches and painful temporary blindness. People and car paint have also been burned after rain washed the sap off of branches overhead.