‘Mean Girls’ reboot: Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried return for Walmart Black Friday ad

A new generation of mean girls are stepping out at North Shore High School.

They are still wearing pink on Wednesdays, but the stars of “Mean Girls” have reunited for Black Friday.

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Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, Daniel Franzese and Rajiv Surendra were part of Walmart’s Black Friday advertising blitz, which was released on Wednesday, People reported.

That was so fetch.

The stars portrayed themselves as adults in the new ad, with Lohan as a guidance counselor, Seyfried portraying a weather reporter, Chabert as a stage mother, Surendra as a proud father and Franzese as his best friend, People reported.

But now, there is a new generation of mean girls at North Shore High School, according to Variety.

“At North Shore, some things never change. On Wednesdays we still wear pink, but now we shop Walmart Black Friday deals,” Lohan says in the ad, as Chabert pulls up in a convertible filled with Walmart shopping bags.

“Walmart is really known for Black Friday ‚and we don’t intend to lose that positioning,” Courtney Carlson, Walmart’s senior vice president of marketing, told Variety.

The actors enjoyed reuniting and reprising adult versions of their characters from the 2004 film.

“It was so nice being back together after all these years,” Lohan told People. “It was great catching up with everyone.”

“It was wonderful to spend the day with Amanda and Lindsay and it was so much fun getting to reminisce and be together again,” Chabert told the magazine.

“It was great working with old friends again for this new Walmart commercial,” Franzese told People. “Being reunited around this campaign feels really special.”

A new addition to the cast is singer Missy Elliott, who appears as a teacher, CNN reported.

Walmart used a similar strategy last year, reviving the 1999 cult satire, “Office Space,” according to Variety.

The commercials included Gary Cole, who played corporate manager Bill Lumbergh -- still looking for those TPS reports -- and Ajay Naidu, who played tech worker Samir Nagheenanajar, according to the entertainment news website.

Grool, right?

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