‘My grandma’s being attacked by a random pig’: Texas family targeted by out-of-control swine

A Texas family says a “very large pig” terrorized them on Monday, attacking family members and breaking into their home.

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Kingsland, Texas, resident Wendy Goldstein told KTBC that the pig, which she estimates is around 300 pounds, attacked her daughter and then turned on her parents after it got into her home.

“My grandma’s being attacked by a random pig,” a child said in a 911 call during the incident. “Now my grandpa’s being attacked,” KTBC reported.

Goldstein said the black and white pig was foaming at the mouth before it attacked her daughter and then charged into the family’s home.

“My mom tried to lay on top of him to crunch him down until the cops got here to get him, he overpowered her and got on top of her,” Goldstein told reporters on Tuesday. “He had her flattened like an accordion.”

The pig’s owner approached the family while trying to find the animal. According to Goldstein, the owner threatened the family if they tried to harm the pig.

The pig was shot with a non-lethal “PepperBall,” but it ran off before anyone could corral it.

Apparently, the pig did not want to give up and returned on Tuesday for another shot at the family. This time, it targeted Goldstein’s boyfriend.

“I’m standing inside my parents’ house with a hammer and knife trying to defend myself and defend my family at any cost. … My whole family’s scared, they feel like they’re prisoners in their own home,” Goldstein said Tuesday.

According to Fox News, the pig was found and returned to its owner by Wednesday.