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Buresh Blog: NOAA hurricane season forecast... Jags schedule & the weather... Warm year so far

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Learn about - & become a part of - the First Alert Neighborhood Weather Network:

NOAA has issued their seasonal Atlantic hurricane forecast. No surprise - an above avg. season is the call, similar to the CSU (Phil Klotzbach) forecast. Ultimately a season is remembered for any landfalls & the strength of those storms at landfall. All the latest on the tropics: First Alert Hurricane Center. The expected active Atlantic hurricane season is predicated on a developing La Nina (cooler than avg. water temps.) along the equatorial Pacific... & abnormally warm Atlantic sea surface temps. (near Aug. averages in May!).

Water temp. anomalies show the developing La Nina near the equatorial Pacific... while Atlantic waters from the Caribbean & Gulf of Mexico to the coast of Africa are far above avg.:

The graph below shows just how high the oceanic heat content is vs. avg. not to mention it’s already approaching the average near the peak of the hurricane season in Sept./Oct. (there’s a lag between the warmest air temps. & warmest ocean water). Oceanic heat content is how warm the ocean to a deep depth or as NOAA puts it: Oceanic Heat Content (OHC) is the measure of the integrated vertical temperature from the sea surface to the depth of the 26°C isotherm and computed from the altimeter-derived isotherm depths in the upper ocean relative to 20°C.

Oceanic heat content as of May 23rd:

The Jaguars 2024 schedule has been released. Below you’ll find the avg. high temps. for each home & away game - go Jags!

2024 has been a warm one so far according to NOAA. From January through April - 2.41 degrees F above the 20th century average & the warmest first 4 months of the year on record.

Water Reuse Week is through May 25th. From the St. Johns River management district:

In recognition of the critical importance of conserving Florida’s water resources and promoting sustainable practices, the St. Johns River Water Management District Governing Board has officially designated May 19–25, 2024, as Water Reuse Week. Water reuse entails the process of treating and disinfecting wastewater to produce high-quality reclaimed water, which is then utilized for beneficial purposes. Extensive treatment and disinfection ensure that public health and environmental quality are protected.

Florida stands as a national leader in water reuse, as evidenced by the reuse of nearly 900 million gallons of reclaimed water per day. The District alone hosts 135 reuse systems, effectively reusing over 247 million gallons per day for various beneficial purposes, including irrigation, groundwater recharge, environmental enhancement, and industrial applications.

The proclamation underscores the indispensable role of water reuse in conserving and enhancing Florida’s water supplies. With finite water resources and a growing population, water reuse emerges as a pivotal strategy to addressing the state’s water demands while preserving freshwater sources.

Over the past decade, the District has championed water reuse through significant financial support, amounting to nearly $81 million, for various reuse projects. These efforts have resulted in an additional 74 million gallons per day of reuse capacity, funded studies and pilot programs for innovative treatment technologies, and facilitated the efficient and effective use of reclaimed water.

As part of Water Reuse Week, the District urges every Floridian and visitor to actively participate in conserving our water supply. By embracing water-saving practices and maximizing the utilization of reclaimed water, we can collectively safeguard Florida’s water resources for future generations.

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