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Buresh Blog: Winter 80-Degree Days... Severe Weather Awareness Week

Jacksonville, FL — And so the beat goes on - at least one day each month hitting 80 degrees since Jan., 2016. 85 straight months, 6 winters! Two 80-degree days so far in Feb. will insure the streak continues well past 90 straight months.

This week - through Feb. 10th - is “Severe Weather Preparedness Week”:

MONDAY: Lightning

TUESDAY: Marine Hazards & Rip Currents

WEDNESDAY: Thunderstorms & Tornadoes

2022 U.S. tornadoes:

Remember a WATCH means conditions are favorable for severe weather... a WARNING for your area means severe weather is imminent & you need to take action.

THURSDAY: Hurricane & Flooding

FRIDAY: Extreme Temps. & Wildfires