Checklist: Outside the home

Be cautious following a storm

  • Do not leave your home or shelter until emergency officials tell you it's safe.

In the yard

  • If your home is open to the elements or you fear it will collapse, get out. Secure it as best you can, get as many valuables out as possible and find another place to stay.
  • If your boat is in your yard, inspect it and document damage for insurance. Repair what you can. Pump water out. Check the fuel, electrical systems for damage.

In the neighborhood

  • DON'T TOUCH POWER LINES. Watch for downed lines. Consider every power line energized. Do not attempt to touch any electrical power lines and keep your family away from them.
  • Watch your step. The area could be covered with broken glass and other debris.
  • Don't walk in standing water and don't venture out in the dark because you might not see a power line that could be energized and dangerous.
  • Watch for insects, snakes and other animals — including alligators — driven out by high water.
  • If your neighborhood floods during the storm, listen to the radio for instructions.
  • Watch and listen for reports of storm-spawned tornadoes.
  • Be careful about letting your pet outdoors. Landmarks and scents might be gone, and your pet might get lost.

In the area

  • If you stayed outside your neighborhood, do not return to it until you get the all-clear. Roads may be blocked.
  • You might have to show proof of residency, such as a driver license or insurance documents, before being allowed back in.
  • Law enforcement agencies likely will impose curfews; hours and extent to depend on damage. Anyone out would be subject to arrest.
  • Driving will be treacherous. Traffic lights likely will be out and streets will be filled with debris and downed power lines. When traffic lights are dark, intersections become four-way stops.
  • If flooding occurs, try calling local government or drainage districts before calling the water management district.
  • Don't go to the coast or barrier islands until you get word that it's safe to do so.