Garage doors: How to know if yours will fail?

Is your door rated for wind? For debris impact? If you don’t know, most likely it isn’t. Look for indications a door will perform poorly.

Older, weaker doors and doors that aren’t up to code can buckle or twist off tracks in strong winds or when struck by debris. Winds can push them in or pull them out.

Once a door is compromised, winds and missiles can threaten your cars, your home’s interior, and your roof.

Backing your car against the door might help brace the bottom panel from inward pressure, but will do nothing to protect from outside forces and will only to expose the car more should the door fail.

Even if you brace the door, debris can still knock out panels and create a large opening for wind or rain.

Don’t adjust or replace springs yourself. They are very strong and under intense torque.