North Florida TPO requesting your opinion to plan future of transportation

There’s a push to bring driverless shuttles to northeast Florida and you could help decide when and where it will happen.

Denise Bunnewith, who’s the planning director of the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization, says it’s part of a plan that extends out to the year 2045.

“One of the challenges of doing a plan like that when it’s that far out is having the public be interested in what you’re doing,” said Bunnewith.

Which is why they’re promoting a survey they need you to take.

It includes questions about driverless cars and ride sharing services.

“We have to know what the public thinks is important when we get down to the end and start making those decisions,” said Bunnewith.

Action News Jax traveled to Las Vegas back in February to show you how driverless shuttles are already in traffic there.

It’s a similar pilot program JTA is considering for Bay Street.

“It’s actually a great idea it would definitely eliminate a lot of the traffic that goes around in the city particularly on the base,” said Chris James.

Bunnewith said they’re also hoping to hear from those who live and work at Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

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“It makes it an ideal location to offer a shuttle on campus that can move people from building to building throughout the day,” said Bunnewith.

Bunnewith said knowing what people think will also help figure out which projects get the funding.

“In 2045 we will not be moving around the way we do today it’ll be a new world,” said Bunnewith.

Once you finish the survey you’ll be entered for a drawing to win a tablet or a $100 Visa gift card.

You have until Nov. 23 to participate. The survey is open to residents of Clay, Duval, Nassau and St. Johns counties.

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To take the survey click here and enter "survey" as the password.