Kid Care Report: Two local day cares have clean track records

Kid Care Report: Two local day cares have clean track records

Every week, Action News Jax Investigates local child care centers to show you how they measure up to the state guidelines.

Action News Jax's Letisha Bereola went through the newest state inspection reports and visited two day cares that have clean track records.

Out of the nine most recent inspection reports from the Department Of Children of Families, the majority were 100% compliant and two in particular had history of clean reports.

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The first is Lane Avenue Child Development Center in Hyde Park. Not only was the latest inspection clean, Action News Jax checked its past inspections and found the last four were 100% compliant.

“Just follow the rules. They tell us plain as day so, just follow them to the T,” said Adriana Roberts, with Lane Avenue Child Development Center.

The state awarded Lane Avenue Child Development a Gold Seal for being a quality care program, which means on top of the state’s inspections, it also meets the standards set by a nationally recognized agency.

The next day care with a track record of clean inspection reports is a Bright Beginning Childcare facility on Old Kings Road. It was 100% compliant in its latest DCF inspection and its last four inspections were clean.

Action News Jax asked the director, Tracy Bigham, about her clean track record.

Bereola: "How do you manage to get clean inspections?"

Bigham: "Practicing good practices …every day.”

There were two day cares that had some Class 3 violations during their last inspection, which is the least serious violation from DCF: Emerald City Learning Center on 5411 Soutel Dr. and Abundantly Loved Early Preschool Academy on 5230 La Ventura Dr. E, Jacksonville Fla.

These day cares received clean inspections:

  • Kinder Kollege Learning Center 1605 Hill Street
  • Little Temples Child Care Center 3525 New Berlin Rd.
  • Prodigies Early Learning Center 14054 Beach Blvd.
  • Palms Preschool & ChildCare Center 3410 3rd St.
  • Melrose Avenue Preschool, LLC 4305 Melrose Ave.

If you would like to search for your day cares inspection record, click here.
Kid Care Report: Two local child care centers cited for violations, others receive clean reports