Jacksonville Mayor supports DCPS decision on masks

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The mayor of Jacksonville held a press conference today asking everyone to do their part and get vaccinated.

“They have given parents the option to opt out. they are giving families a choice,” Mayor Curry said in a press conference this morning.

The mayor of Jacksonville supports the decision to allow parents to choose whether or not masks should be worn inside schools. Dr. Saman Soleymani, Owner of Avecina Medical, agrees.

“Masks, and schools, it’s a personal decision to be made by parents and families, I’m glad that the school board has allowed parents to opt out.”

Soleymani says masks aren’t always properly used.

“I think what happens is masks are literally used as window dressing that makes us feel better without being effective.”

He adds if parents are expecting their kids to wear masks, they should be properly fitted and sterile. In his opinion, students over 12 should be vaccinated. students under 12 should take precautions their families are comfortable with, but should take more if they have health conditions.

“I think as far as kids go we know they have a significantly better immune system than adults which is why you do not hear any significant numbers of infant mortality when it comes to kids unless they have some very specific underlying health conditions.”

As of today, the mayor says he and his family will be sitting down and making a decision if their children will wear masks in school.