Local Navy Pilots asking President Trump to carry concealed weapons on military base

Florida — About one month ago, on Dec. 6, an active shooter opened fire at Naval Air Base Pensacola. The gunman killed three people and injured eight others.

Local Navy pilots said they trained at this facility and still have friends there. They said this tragic attack reminds the public that military personnel are at a disadvantage on a military base by not being allowed to carry a weapon.

“Our military personnel are soft targets,” their attorney, Justin Drach, said. “They need to be armed. If they want to carry a firearm for protection, they should be allowed to.”

Drach said his clients want to remain anonymous for their protection, but several have come forward for his help. He also served more than 10 years in Naval aviation.

“Now we’ve got a problem where the world now knows that our military members are vulnerable,” Drach said. “In the past week, we’ve had a country threaten our military members and basically say that they were going to do something. These people know our military members are generally unarmed on base.”

Drach sent a letter to President Donald Trump Monday, Dec. 6. calling for immediate action from the White House.

“We would like for the President to extend any of the rights that the state that a military base is located, in extend the same exact rights to what’s available,” Drach said.

If approve, each base would adhere to the current Department of Defense policy that is already in effect for each state. For example, Florida allows licensed gun owners to carry concealed weapons, therefore, military bases in Florida would adopt the same policy.

Many military leaders have been outspoken about why the Pentagon rules should not be changed. They said the no-carry policy prevents accidental shootings, as well as suicides.

Drach said President Trump’s administration confirmed that they received his letter. Now both sides are waiting to see how President Trump responds.