Bookkeeper accused of stealing $4,000+ from Jacksonville schools

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A bookkeeper is accused of defrauding Jacksonville schools out of more than $4,000.

Tamika Martinez-Abihai worked at three Jacksonville schools before she was fired, then arrested.

She started working as a bookkeeper at Normandy Village Elementary School in 2016.


She transferred to Raines High School in 2017, then to Westview K-8 in 2018.

Duval County Public Schools fired Martinez-Abihai in May for job abandonment.

She was arrested last week.

“To think that you have the right to not just take from your co-workers and employees, but in essence, you are taking away from my children, as well, when you do that,” said Jacksonville mother Tiffany Clark.

Duval County School Police said it found evidence Martinez-Abihai submitted fictitious invoices showing she paid for items with her personal credit card, then fraudulently reimbursed herself with school funds.

A school district Financial Records Analyst told the Duval County School Police she wondered why Martinez-Abihai ordered pageant items over summer break – items she said she found under the bookkeeper’s desk.

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She told police Martinez-Abihai “owns a dance company and was always planning pageants and events for her company.”

Martinez-Abihai is also accused of buying a mega microphone for $432.30 when schools were closed for winter break.

“It’s not a good representation of the wonderful faculty and staff that we have in place. But I will say, it’s very disappointing,” said Clark.

Action News Jax called, texted and emailed Martinez-Abihai before showing up to her home to get her side of the story. No one came to the door.