Clay County dogs deemed dangerous, after killing two pets

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. — Clay County Animal Services is calling a couple's two dogs dangerous. Animal Services said the dogs killed two different families pet cats.

Action News Jax spoke with the two cats' owners, who were too emotional to go on camera but gave us permission to share this video.

It's video from a doorbell camera. It shows the brutal death of one family's pet cat, Mr. Whiskers. We blurred some parts of the video because it is so graphic.

Debbie Dukes lives next door to the pit bulls in the video—Princess and Red—and witnessed the aftermath of the attack on her neighbor's cat.

"It's skull was — I mean, it was crushed half way," Dukes said. "It was crushed so much the eyes popped out."

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She said she and her friend have watched the dogs escape from the backyard, time after time.

"She goes ‘The dogs are out,' and I go, ‘Crud.'" Dukes explained. "We call animal control police because I know they're dangerous."

Clay County Animal Services served the dog owners a notice Friday classifying the dogs as dangerous. Their reasoning is that they have "severely injured or killed a domestic animal while off the owner's property."

"This is an initial determination," public information officer, Annaleasa Winters, with the Clay County Board of Commissioners said. "They have an opportunity -- seven days -- to actually appeal that initial determination."

We knocked on the dog owners' door to see if they had anything to say, but no one answered the door. The holes, where it seems the dogs previously got out, are now patched up or blocked off.

"It could've been avoided, and it just bothers me," Dukes said.

Right now, the dog owners must keep the dogs confined. If they take the dogs outside, they have to be on a leash with a muzzle.

If the owners appeal the Animal Services' decision, the case will be reviewed again. If the dogs are deemed dangerous at the end of the investigation, the dog owners will have to put up a dangerous dog sign.

If they don't comply, they could face criminal charges.

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