Dog bites 3-year-old at Neptune Beach restaurant

A family visiting from out of town said their 3-year-old son was badly bitten by a dog at a Neptune Beach restaurant Wednesday.

The boy had a cut on his lip and scratches on his face after the dog bit him at Craft Pizza Co. on July 19.

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The owner confirmed to Action News Jax that the boy was on the outside patio when the dog bit him.

A family member posted a review of the restaurant and photo of the boy's injuries on TripAdvisor. They said while they were leaving the restaurant, the child asked a man if he could pet his dog.

According to the post, the dog turned and bit the boy in the face. It left scratches and puncture wounds inside his lip, the family said in the post.

The post said the boy spent a day in the emergency room.

Action News Jax confirmed that the restaurant has a doggie dining permit, which is required by the city of Neptune Beach if a restaurant wants to allow dogs on the outdoor portion.

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The owner of Craft Pizza Co. said he is sorry about the incident. He said the man regularly brings his dog and it has never been aggressive before.

The owner told us the family and the dog owner exchanged contact information for insurance purposes.

He said he is considering no longer allowing dogs at his restaurants because of the liability.

In Neptune Beach and Jacksonville Beach, there are 14 dog friendly restaurants.

City of Neptune Beach officials said the city has the right to revoke a restaurant’s doggie dining permit depending on the infraction.

“We do have the right to take it away immediately. We do not need a police report to revoke any permit,” Deputy City Manager Amanda Askew said.

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Askew said the city has never revoked a permit since the ordinance was passed in Neptune Beach in 2008.

Police told Action News Jax they received an anonymous tip about the incident, but a complainant never came forward.

Police said animal control officers are trying to get in contact with the family members to see if they want to file a report.

The family was visiting the Jacksonville area from out of town when their 3-year-old was badly bitten by a dog on the outside patio:

Posted by Action News Jax on Monday, July 24, 2017