Coronavirus: Beaches mayors pushing for COVID-19 vaccination site

Coronavirus: Beaches mayors pushing for COVID-19 vaccination site


The Mayors of Atlantic, Neptune and Jacksonville Beaches tell Action News Jax they’re working to bring a COVID-19 vaccination location to the beaches.

Neptune Beach Mayor, Elaine Brown, tells Action News Jax Reporter Ryan Nelson, she’s been in contact with Jacksonville Mayor, Lenny Curry, and the Duval County Health Department, about making a beaches location a reality.

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“If we could get something here at the beach, it would very helpful to all the beach people, thousands of people who need it,” said Brown.

Atlantic Beach Mayor, Ellen Glasser, sent Action News Jax a statement on the effort to secure a vaccination location at the beaches.

“Mayor Brown and I concur. I have expressed my concerns directly to the health department and to elected officials. I am concerned that we need more information on the roll out at the beaches. My primary concerns are the difficulties of our vulnerable populations to access vaccine information and updates, to make appointments, and to have transportation,” said Glasser.

Jacksonville Beach Mayor, Chris Hoffman, also commented by way of a statement.

“Just like we saw with testing, accessibility is key. We live in a huge county and the people who need vaccines the most urgently may not have the access to transpiration to go downtown or elsewhere. I support anything we can do to ensure easier access for beaches residents who need it most. I also know it takes time to effectively roll out an effort like this so I encourage patience,” said Hoffman.

Action News Jax reached out to Mayor Curry’s office for comment on the effort of the beaches’ Mayors.

“We continue to work with state and federal agencies to safely distribute the vaccine. At this time, we do not have any additional details, however, as soon as we have confirmed locations and available vaccines, we will notify the public and the media immediately,” said spokesperson, Nikki Kimbleton.

Action News Jax has also reached out to the Duval County health department for comment on the matter. We’ll be sure to update you with the health department’s response.