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Man shot, killed in Arlington; Woman held captive in home; JSO searching for two suspects

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is searching for two men after a man in his 20s was shot and killed Wednesday outside a business in a shopping complex in Arlington.

Crime scene tape could be seen blocking off parts of the complex, which is on Merrill Road near Townsend Boulevard.

JSO said after the shooting an off-duty officer chased a vehicle and the pursuit ended in a crash.

The two men in the car were described as being in their 20s. The car had been reported stolen.

Around the same time the vehicle pursuit ended in a crash, a home invasion happened in the 10000 block of Townsend Boulevard.

The men went inside the house, held up the homeowner and changed clothes. JSO believes this is related to the shooting and pursuit.

Action News Jax reporter Elizabeth Pace found the woman who said she was held hostage by the suspects in her home on Townsend Boulevard. Her identity will remain anonymous for privacy and safety.

“They were in my house! I came out of the bathroom and they were in my house,” she said. “I came out of the bathroom and my bedroom door was shut. I opened it up and there’s two kids standing in my bedroom.”

She said she tried to fight them off and leave the house, but the suspects held her on the ground. She said they used her bathroom, took her cell phone, and went through her belongings.

“They threw me to the ground at one point because I tried bolting out the door, yelling for help but none of my neighbors are home,” she said.

She said they changed into her husband’s clothes, who was not home at the time, and took one of her T-shirts. She said a red car pulled up to the house and they all took off from the Arlington neighborhood.

She said JSO detectives later came and searched her home for the suspect’s DNA.

She said she’s just thankful to have escaped alive.

JSO believes the men were picked up by someone in a red or orange Dodge Challenger or Charger.

Action News Jax reporter Dani Bozzini spoke to a neighbor of the woman who was allegedly held hostage.

“I think the scariest thing is that it was next door to me,” said Garrett Glatzmayer.

He said he wasn’t home, but he says having it happen so close to home is very unsettling.

“The only time I ever see it is on my TV screen in other locations around Jacksonville, but when it’s the property next door to you, that’s what makes you wonder like, ‘Wow, I never thought this could happen.’”

Neighbors tonight tell Action News Jax they’re relieved knowing she’s going to be okay, but they’re still fearful knowing the suspects are still out there.

“Hearing that they gave us the clear that they may not be in the area it’s a sigh of relief, but at the same time it’s not 100%,” Glatzmayer said. ​

After the shooting, JSO posted on its social media that it is looking for an “armed felony suspect” in the 1000 block of Carlotta Road West, which is about about 1 1/2 miles south of the shopping complex.

JSO released the following updated description of the men:

The first suspect is described as a black male, 5 feet 5 inches tall, has short hair w/twist, tattoos on left and right arms, wearing gray T-shirt with “Perminti Brothers” on back, brown pants and white New Balance shoes.

The second suspect is described as a black male, 5 feet 5 inches tall, wearing a black hood, white muscle shirt and black pajama pants with “Mountain Dew” on them.