Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office releases body cam footage from an officer-involved shooting for first time

The video is from a July 2019 shooting that was ruled justified

Jacksonville Sheriff?s Office releases body cam footage from an officer-involved shooting for first time

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Action News Jax’s Christy Turner is going through the video further and will have the latest on FOX30 Action News Jax at 10.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has released the first body camera video of an officer-involved shooting from July 2019.

It’s been 344 days since that shooting; the suspect, 33-year-old Frankie Feliciano, died at the scene.

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The portion of the video that was released is less than four minutes long and the suspect is shot in the first 35 seconds.

In the newly released video of the 2019 incident, it shows Officer Tyler Landreville had a split-second decision to save another man’s life.

In that video, Feliciano can be seen holding a man in a wheelchair at knifepoint.

The release of the video from the 2019 shooting is the first time JSO has released footage of an officer-involved shooting. Sheriff Mike Williams has previously said the agency’s first officer-involved shooting captured on body camera video was from 2019.

“The way to look at it here is someone is being threatened apparently with a knife at their throat and the police had responded to protect him,” Action News Jax Law and Safety Expert Dale Carson said. “It seems justifiable based on what I’m seeing.”

The State Attorney’s Office said its officer-involved incident team ruled Feliciano’s death was justified.

Investigators have previously confirmed to Action News Jax that Landreville is the same officer who shot and killed Vernell Bing Jr. in 2016. That case was later cleared by the State Attorney’s Office in 2017.

JSO releases first ever video showing officer-involved shooting