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Springfield neighbors concerned about flooding, broken tree limbs Elsa could bring

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Right now, neighbors throughout our area are bracing for the possibility of more flooding--this time from Tropical Storm Elsa.

Our Action News Jax First Alert Weather Team said we can expect heavy rain in flooding beginning Tuesday night.

On Sunday, some neighbors in Springfield experienced water deep enough to stall your car.

Our meteorology team said the area received 1-3 inches of rain.

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Neighbors told Cole they believe clearing out the four storm drains on the corner of 10th and Liberty Streets can help prevent the kind of flooding they saw over the weekend.

“Most of the time, it be, when it rains--the water goes up to the drainage and all of the drains need to be cleaned out from the debris and grass,” said Veronica Walker.

Walker told Cole she has lived in Springfield for the last 12 years. Unfortunately, she said flooding is something they’ve gotten used to on Liberty Street.

A different neighbor who lives on Liberty Street also gave us a video of what the flooding looked like from her home on Sunday.

In the video, you can the sign that says 10th Street and Liberty Street. You can also see the water extends across the intersection.

“Why the City don’t keep the drains clean?! It’s one, two, three, four. And when the hurricane, and if I know [a] hurricane is coming, I would have to call them. And you have to beg them to come out!” Yvonne Jackson explained. 

She has also lived on Liberty Street for quite some time.

Cole reached out to the City of Jacksonville because JEA’s spokesperson said stormwater is not its responsibility. The utility company only maintains wastewater.

In a statement via e-mail from Nikki Kimbleton, the spokesperson for the City of Jacksonville said:

“We have crews out today in multiple places surveying drainage, clearing drainage and clipping trees/limbs.  With so much recent rain, we have a lot to cover today but I will call and see if they are headed back out today or planning to go tomorrow.”

Cole did see the City of Jacksonville clean the surface of the four storm drains on the corner of 10th and Liberty Streets.

“They need to go into a deep cleaning. Once they do a deep cleaning, I don’t think we’ll have much flooding time at least in this area,” Jackson said.

But until that happens, Walker shared this advice: “...The only thing I can say is, don’t bring your cars down on 10th and Liberty!”

Water is not the only concern for neighbors. The trees in Springfield are beautiful, but they can also be a safety hazard.

“...See those branches? See how they trimmed that one and that one, and those trees keep a lot of debris in my yard.”

Jackson told Cole she just had a new roof put on her home about three years ago.

“...And you see that branch, that’s going to kill my roof. They need to do something. I keep calling them,” Jackson told Action News Jax.

When Cole followed up with the City of Jacksonville to learn how long crews would be working on Monday, and when and where they will return on Tuesday, the City did not get back to Cole before my deadline.

Karen McAllister, a spokesperson for JEA, said they had a crew trimming trees in Springfield last week.

“A few things they are doing today and tomorrow to prepare: our linemen are putting supplies in trucks and moving big equipment to central locations. We are also testing our drones to safely check lines after the storm.”

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As JEA and the City of Jacksonville prepare for whatever the storm may bring, Jackson said she always has a storm plan prepared, too!

“I get my little kit together. I have a little stove, I have lights and I’ll probably pack one or two outfits and I go to the hotel, and that’s it!”

JEA recommends signing up for JEA Storm Alerts. All you have to do is text REG to 69532.