Two children at Wolfson Children’s Hospital die within 48 hours of each other due to COVID-19

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A two-week-old baby died at Wolfson Children’s Hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19 this week.

That baby was the second child to die in 24 hours.

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WCH released a statement saying, in part, “our hearts go out to the families who have lost children due to covid-19. Wolfson Children’s and our caregivers grieve along with them.”

Pastor John Allen Newman is asking parents to reconsider their stance on the COVID-19 vaccine if they are still unvaccinated.

“It’s important that people understand that it’s real, it’s not fake,” he said.

The pastor brought together a roundtable of doctors to explain what they are seeing and the importance of taking precautions. Dr. Mohammed Reza, an infectious disease specialist, wants parents to first get vaccinated.

“I want parents to take the precautions that they can take for themselves and for their kids,” he says.

Doctors have seen the hospitalization of hundreds of children firsthand and want to remind everyone how dangerous the delta variant is.

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“The delta variant is 225% more contagious than the original virus.”

“It’s real, and I think really what you’re getting to is when facts and science no longer matter to people you are no longer dealing with truth, you’re dealing with feelings,” Newman said.

One pediatrician, Adrianna Cantville, spoke out — reminding parents they can protect their kids by getting vaccinated.

“Society has failed our children and yet again they are bearing the brunt of this pandemic and now they are the most vulnerable because they are under age 12 not able to get the vaccine yet.”

The pastor hoped seeing new information would inspire some to take the vaccine if they hadn’t before.

“What would happen if you just did something as simple as look at information, set your feelings aside, and come to a different conclusion? Could you handle that?”