"We waited almost a year for this," Man wanted for two Jacksonville murders caught in Virginia

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — UPDATE JULY 9 AT 10 AM: John Wilson was in court this morning. He was arraigned on his fugitive with felony arrest charge. His next court date is Tuesday, Aug. 6 in Norfolk, Va.

UPDATE JULY 8 AT 11 AM: Family of Dylan McCurdy says John Emory Wilson has been arrested in the McCurdy's death.

Monday, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office confirmed John Wilson had been arrested by U.S. marshals in Norfolk, Virginia.  JSO said he was wanted for the murders of Dylan McCurdy, 26, and Trevor Matthew, 32.

These two families are now connected by tragedy.  They feel so close, they want to get together and meet Saturday.

The family of Trevor Matthew held hands united in prayer Monday at the InTown Suites on Jacksonville’s Southside.

It’s here the 32-year-old lost his life July 30, 2018.

Family members have waited for this day nearly a year.

“Now, today, I can say 'Lord, thank you, justice is served,'” said Matthew’s mother, Lorna Thomas.

Dylan McCurdy’s family has been waiting since April 1.

“Dylan died on a Monday and they caught [Wilson] on a Monday,” said Dylan’s mother, Fay McCurdy.

“It’s actually 13 weeks ago today,” added Dylan’s father, Bruce McCurdy, Sr.

JSO said U.S marshals captured Wilson as he left a store Monday morning in Norfolk, Virginia, roughly 600 miles north of Jacksonville.

So far, officers have only said was linked to both murders by, ‘the evidence and information gathered,’ which led to warrants.

As Action News Jax has been reporting, a 17-year-old who allegedly helped Wilson hide evidence was already caught.
"To find the killer that actually did this within three months is just phenomenal," Bruce McCurdy, Sr. said.  "I think JSO has done a great job."
For these families, this is the first step toward closure, but nothing can truly erase the pain.
"You have just taken someone so precious from us and we miss him dearly," Fay McCurdy said.  "I don't care what the problem was, what the reason was, nobody deserves to die."

“What would you say to your son if you could?” Action News Jax reporter Russell Colburn asked Thomas.

“Trevor, just know that the Lord loves you, and you’re in a better place.  However, it’s not where I want him to be,” Thomas said.

Jail records show Wilson is scheduled to appear before a Virginia judge Tuesday morning.  No timeline has been given on when he’ll be brought back to Jacksonville.

He faces two counts of second-degree murder, and two weapons charges.

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Original Story:

Monday will mark three months since 26-year-old Dylan McCurdy, a local construction worker and former high school wrestler, was shot and killed.

Police said his body was found dumped in a Mayport neighborhood on Featherwood Drive on April 1.

Friday, McCurdy’s parents, Fay and Bruce, Sr., told Action News Jax exclusively a teenager has been arrested in connection with the case.

He faces multiple charges including tampering with evidence and accessory after the fact.  The actual killer remains at large.

“Just a lot of good memories (with Dylan),” Fay McCurdy said.

Memories are what Fay and Bruce McCurdy are hanging onto right now after losing their son three months ago.

“When he was small, every Thursday we would bake,” Fay McCurdy said.  “We just got in the kitchen.  I used to take him to Camp Blanding and we’d go fishing, and he’d bring minnows back.”

"The way he was killed, it's just so sad," Fay McCurdy added.  "And thrown out like a piece of trash."
"It's been a tough three months," Bruce McCurdy Sr. said.

The McCurdys said a 17-year-old is behind bars in connection with the case.  They said he hid evidence, including the gun.

Court records show he helped a murder suspect, but Action News Jax is not providing any names as JSO won’t confirm this, citing the active investigation.

The McCurdys said another mystery is developing, a third person, possibly involved.

“We just keep hearing there’s maybe another person in that car, and it could’ve been a female, because of that DNA in there,” Fay McCurdy said.

But their main focus remains the person who pulled the trigger.

“Hell is too good for you,” Fay McCurdy said.  “I want him to suffer really bad.”

Until that person is caught, they’ll cling to those special memories.

“I miss him,” Fay McCurdy said.  “It’s so hard.”