Glynn County

New Netflix series wraps up filming in St. Simons Island

ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. — Production crews packed into St. Simons Island in Glynn County, GA on Wednesday morning. This marked the second consecutive day of filming there for a new Netflix series.

“It’s always good to have them and we all love it,” said Lance Williams, the owner and founder of Mallery Street Cafe.

The area will be the backdrop for the Netflix TV drama called “Pieces of Her,” which is based on a novel and centers on a girl uncovering her mother’s real identity.

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Williams received a letter in which the show’s production company describes this spot as “the perfect place that fits the story.”It describes a scene — which Action News Jax saw in the process of being filmed — where the actor is riding her bike along Mallery Street.

“We made it through the housing crisis of ’08, which kinda happened in ’09, and then two hurricanes, and ice storm and a pandemic, so it means a lot when I get a little exposure,” Williams explained.

Solvable Productions, the production company filming the show, paid businesses to close while they finished filming.”They’re paying for the time so I really appreciate it and I hope their show works out fine,” Williams said.

“[And] they’re tipping the servers, and you know, taking care of the staff,” he added. “So, it’s nice for them to do — what I would consider right — without even having to ask them.”

The Georgia Department of Economic Development’s website indicates there are 36 other productions underway in the state.

A lot of the activity can be traced back to incentives like the state’s 20% transferable tax credit, and an additional 10% tax credit if the finished project includes an embedded state logo.

“It’s great for the community,” said Lorna Williams, who told Action News Jax she’s been living in St. Simons Island her whole life.”That brings an opportunity to the restaurants, and to the businesses and they don’t lose out but yet they still gain more,” she added.

Now, this town eagerly waits to catch a glimpse of itself on TV.”I would like to see the show and see if I see any familiar faces,” Lance Williams said.

’I’m looking forward to seeing this part, though,” Lorna Williams pointed out. “So yeah, get the hot butter popcorn, I’m good!”