Green Cove Springs man arrested after feud with police over fireworks

Knowles cursed at officers through his front door, then turned his music up so loud it could be heard from the street.

Green Cove Springs, Fla. — What started as a simple noise complaint ended with a Clay County man behind bars after police say he lost his temper over fireworks.

According to the Green Cove Springs Police Department, on February 5, around midnight, police received several calls reporting possible gunshots or fireworks in the 200 block of Walburg Street.

Once on scene, police observed Todd Knowles igniting fireworks. When Knowles saw GCSPD officers coming to speak with him, he ran inside his home and locked the door. Officer say they asked the suspect to come to the door so they could explain Florida’s laws on fireworks as well as Breach of Peace.

Knowles refused to speak with the officers, cursing at them through his front door, and then turning his music up to the point it was clearly audible from the street.

GCSPD Officers handled another call and then returned to the residence, hoping Knowles would have had time to cool down; instead, he chose to ignore them and take to social media accusing officers of “harassment.”

On Feb. 25 a warrant for the arrest of Knowles was issued after a Clay County judge was presented with the events. for the crimes of Breach of Peace and Obstruction of Justice. When GCSPD Officers attempted to take Mr. Knowles into custody, in accordance with the lawful arrest warrant, he once again chose to run and barricade himself in his residence.

Mr. Knowles was subsequently taken into custody and additionally charged with Resisting Arrest.

Officers say this arrest was entirely preventable and want the public to know their officers will not simply go away if they are summoned for a legitimate concern.

Next time, try a few deep breaths.