CORONAVIRUS: Is your mask irritating your skin?

Florida — As Florida continues the path towards reopening, local leaders are stressing the importance for people to wear masks.

Some places like at Costco even require them. But wearing them, might not be the most comfortable thing to do.

Bria Sanford wears a mask when she goes outside. She says, “If it will keep me safe I’ll wear it.”

Mayo Clinic Dermatologist Dr. Dawn Davis says people are getting friction and irritation on the nose, behind the ears and under the chin.

Dr. Davis says the first step for mask use is after you’ve washed and patted your face dry, put not one but two layers of face moisturizer.

She also recommends getting zinc oxide.

She says, “Zinc oxide is the white hypoallergenic chemical that’s in unscented diaper paste-like A & D ointment and things like that. It’s readily available over the counter and it’s very inexpensive.”

If you put a thin layer of it on the parts that are irritated your nose, chin and behind your ears.

“That serves as a nice barrier to the friction without impacting or decreasing the effectiveness of the mask,” explains Dr. Davis.

Then when you get home take the mask off and wash and moisturize again.