Items returned after 'Gravesite Grinch' arrested in Bradford County

BRADFORD COUNTY, Fla. — The woman dubbed the “Gravesite Grinch” is behind bars, accused of stealing right off family members’ grave sites.

Jenni Hudkins along with Janice Crawford were arrested in connection with the thefts.

From figurines to statues and concrete benches, the garage at the Bradford County Sheriff's Office is full of recovered items that were stolen from grave sites.

"Perfect Christmas present," victim Penny Lee said.

Action News Jax reported Thursday when Sheriff Gordon Smith posted a video to social media asking for the public’s help to track down Hudkins.

And early Christmas morning, a tip led them to her arrest.

"I’ve worked a lot of cases in 30 years and I’ve never seen such an overwhelming amount of people wanting to catch this individual," Sheriff Gordon Smith said.

The stolen goods were sold to a local thrift store, then hidden. Smith said Crawford was arrested for dealing in stolen property.

"I can't believe anyone would accept someone coming up to sell them things like this because you know it's got to come from a graveyard," Lee said.

Several families were out visiting loved ones at Crosby Lake Cemetery Christmas evening. Some including Rhonda Marr, are still missing memorial items from their family’s graves.

"She actually came out there while I was sitting on the bench waiting on me to leave. She took the bench," Marr said.

Relief is the one thing these families are feeling after learning the woman dubbed the “Gravesite Grinch” is now behind bars.

"Even she's loved by somebody, this Grinch, but we can't help her until she helps herself," Smith said.

Since the investigation is ongoing, the sheriff said more arrests could follow and the number of charges could increase.