Jacksonville mom says daughter not in gang, defends rap video

A Jacksonville mother is defending a local video showing young girls rapping and even claiming to be a gang.

S. Copeland is not only defending it … she says she paid for it. Despite the negative attention, she says the girls just having fun.

The controversial rap music video was shot and recorded at Scott Park. Action News Jax received several calls since the story aired about the video, but the mother says her daughter or the girls involved are not gang members.

“No, they’re not a gang. They’re a bunch of pretty girls that know how to rap,” Copeland said.

That’s how Copeland describes her daughter’s rap group called “TFRG,” or “The Real Fine Girl Group.”

“From my understanding, a definition of a gang is a group of people committing crimes,” Copeland said. “I really don’t see what crime they committed.”

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the girls have not committed a crime.

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The rap video was posted on YouTube and Facebook, and Copeland says the video went viral in just 45 minutes.

Action News Jax blurred out their faces because of their age.

Action News Jax Crime and Safety Expert Ken Jefferson says this video shows the growing problem of young girls in gangs, but Copeland insists the video was just for fun.

“It was a joke,” Copeland said. “Nobody knew that they could rap.”

Copeland also addressed the vulgar song lyrics heard in the video.

“The language that’s being used on there … I’m not saying that it’s acceptable, but I’m saying it happens,” Copeland said. “My daughter doesn’t cuss in front of me. I have heard the lyrics of the song. I do know what they’re saying.”

Copeland says the cuss words are graphic, but it’s just their way of expressing themselves and telling a story.

The real story, she says?

“All these ladies are honor roll students,” Copeland said. “I’m not saying they’re angels. I wouldn’t dare. They’re still kids. I had to wipe tears away last night from a child that is being portrayed as a thug and a gangster, and I don’t see noting gangster about that.”

A representative from Scott Park released a statement saying, "While the video was shot at Scott Park, we as an association do not condone or endorse anything promoted from the act."