Jacksonville mother says man threatened her with ax

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A young mother said a man with an ax threatened her and her daughter at a Westside convenience store.

It happened Wednesday night at Tanner’s Groceries on Hipps Road.

Police arrested the suspect, 45-year-old Van Arnold.

The report said Arnold was sexually harassing women inside the store.

According to the report, he told the female clerk he wanted to come behind the counter and have sex with her.

The report said the suspect then tried to lure a mother, who was with her child, to the back of the store.

An employee kicked the suspect out of the store.


Witnesses said Arnold grabbed an ax out of his truck and came at the woman and her child.

In a Facebook comment, the woman wrote, “the ax would have killed my daughter and no telling what else would happen.”

Police were hanging out in the parking lot when the situation unfolded. Officers were able to stop the suspect before he hurt anyone.

The report said Arnold had to be stunned with a Taser.

He’s charged with resisting officer without violence.

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