• Jacksonville woman finds a message in a bottle

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Jacksonville woman who was cleaning up trash near the St. Johns River over the weekend stumbled across a message in a bottle.
    Local resident Jeanne Laxton says she and about 10 people from U.S. Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville went down near the Sisters Creek boat ramp to start the cleanup. She said there was a lot of trash.
    “There was your normal plastic bottles, plastic bags, clothing, a lot of baby diapers,” said Laxton.
    But among that trash, Laxton found a treasure.

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    “When I first picked it up I just noticed that it was a neat bottle but the note inside, water had gotten inside so you could see some of the words through the outside of the paper,” said Laxton.
    She managed to get the letter out. It read, “My sweet Olivia, I hope this finds you well. I love you always. Always in my heart always in my mind. Love daddy.”

    She posted her findings on social media when she got home.
    “I thought if I just put it out there on Facebook, that it would land in the right spot and someone would know about it,” said Laxton.
    She said she hasn’t found who it belongs to, but hopes the power of social media will solve this mystery.

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